Andi’s Daybook (Complete with a Picture Thought!)

Outside My Window

The birds are singing, and it’s gloriously cool and cloudy with patches of blue sky here and there. Everything is also fresh, damp, and green due to the rain we received last night and this morning.
I am Listening to
Chirping birds and my iTunes (turned on for the very purpose of this post). Right now, “I’m Yours/Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Straight No Chaser.

I am wearing
Jeans, t-shirt (Bump+ T-shirt to be exact), and Adidas jacket.

I am Thankful For

A new blog!

I am Pondering: The sacrifice of the cross. To write in full this pondering of late would be a blog post in and of itself, so I think I’ll put it off for another time (or quite possibly not at all).

I am Reading

This should actually read, I Have Finished Reading, because I finished off the last of the plays (entitled Wealth) in the Aristophanes book I have been telling you all about. (The cover of the book is pictured in my previous blog post.)

From the Kitchen I made spaghetti last night and it was so good. I think I’ll be eating the leftovers for lunch.

I am Thinking
About what I should eat for lunch. Can you tell where my mind is?

I am Creating
I am actually not creating anything at the moment. I’m thinking I should work on some art soon and that I should try drawing one of these.

On my iPod/iTunes
Regresa a Mi ~ Il Divo

Towards Rhythm and Beauty
Despite the fact that I do not have a job yet, I have been trying to keep myself busy with other wholesome activities. I’ve been trying to read something wholesome and intelligent every morning for about a week. This week has been plays by Aristophanes (as in a whole play every morning). I’ve also been pushing myself to get up earlier. Although this venture proves difficult when I have nowhere to be. Any suggestions?

To Live the Liturgy
I would like to try to pray the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary today and tomorrow. (It has always proven really difficult for me to pray the Rosary on my own, although I have to admit that I enjoy it when I manage.)

I am Hoping and Praying For a job to come my way soon. Making some money and paying off loans would be greatly appreciated.
In the Garden
It’s so lovely! All green and fresh! The roses are blooming, the blue potato bush is bringing forth new leaves and buds, and the lavender and rosemary are reaching new heights. Happiness is me!

Around the House
It’s quiet. My mother brought my brother up to Temecula this morning and is having coffee with Mrs. Maxwell. Peter and Scott left around 10am for TAC.

On Keeping Home
Cleaned up my room earlier this week and trying to keep it that way for Easter.

One of My Favorite Things Classical Music

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week I hope to begin reading The Brothers’ Karamazov tomorrow. I am also hankering to watch Jesus of Nazareth tomorrow (maybe I’ll begin today). On Saturday, we head up to TAC for their celebration of Easter.

A Favorite Picture I Thought I’d Share:

This picture was taken on my D90’s first outing/adventure in the wide wide world. 🙂


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