Easter on Monday

I guess it probably wasn’t fair of me to leave you all hanging like that, posting two or three times daily, and then not at all for a whole four days. But, then again, it has been a busy four days, what with the Easter Triduum, Holy Saturday, and then Easter Sunday. And then I was (and still am) exhausted all day today for lack of sleep.

In case you were wondering, my Easter was fantastically, epically, awesome and beautiful! (Thank-you for wondering.) Scott went up to Thomas Aquinas College with a friend on Holy Thursday and then Dad, Mum, and I followed suit on Holy Saturday. The Vigil was at 11:00pm and was gorgeous. I have always said that my favorite part of the Mass, other than Jesus, is the music. And I couldn’t get enough of the music at TAC’s Easter Vigil Mass. The whole Eucharistic celebration passed way too quickly. *Sigh of happiness…

We all exited the chapel with great excitement and everyone was quite jovial, running about hugging, smiling, and laughing. Shouts of “Happy Easter!” echoed through the hallways. As for my sister, no sooner before exiting the chapel was she happily eating a lollipop. A close friend of hers was teasing and telling everyone how “greedy” she was, starting to eat sweets the second she was came out the door of the chapel. He gave my poor sister hardly a chance to defend herself or interrupt his story.

Brunch began at approximately 2:00am and we all enjoyed quite the grand feast. No later than about ten to fifteen minutes in, after pretty much everyone was situated and in their seats, was Handel’s Halleluia Chorus blasted throughout the room. Everyone stood up, sang along, laughed and cried (from laughing so hard). One of the guys stood up and started eating his muffin triumphantly and one of his buddies joined in with his banana.

After we ate, we danced. And we danced some more. We danced until dawn and then hiked up the Painter’s Shack (which is quite the hike) to watch the sunrise over the mountains. Unfortunately, we didn’t actually see the sun as it was behind a large cloud.

We hiked back down one by one and in groups.  I went by myself and took a wrong turn. I made my way eventually, but it was a bit terrifying as I didn’t have my phone or any other means of communication.

Mum and Dad went to 9am Mass and then we all joined up at about 10:15 to drive home. All three of us young folk slept the whole way home where, once I was upstairs, went promptly to sleep again and slept until it was time to go to dinner. And then I went to bed at 8:45.

I am still rather tired as a dentist appointment forced me to get up at 7:30. I had been planning on a nap, but was distracted by a movie and then an Easter egg hung. (One is never too old.) I also went on my daily mile and maybe a little more walk. Therefore, I did not have my nap and, as a result, am still suffering from sleepiness.

You see, we are having our family Easter celebration today, hence the Easter egg hunt this afternoon. On the menu for tonight:

  • Spaghetti w/meat sauce
  • Asparagus
  • Baskin Robbins ice cream cupcakes

Maybe later  I will actually post a picture. As for now, I am too tired to move.

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