From Lenten to Year-Round

Tonight I was in what certain people might call a “foul mood”. I was uptight, a bit grouchy, quite restless, and did not particularly feel like doing anything about it. So, having upon forced myself to go downstairs and prepare a cup of tea, I proceeded to try and think of why I might be feeling so entirely out of sorts. “Could I still be overtired from Easter? Quite possibly. Did I eat too much? Another possibility. (I had a rather large lunch today and then my mother made me a hamburger for dinner.)” And then I had a revelation as I poured the boiling water into my mug. You see, when I drink tea, I always steep it for four minutes with the sugar already in the cup. And I found that I did not want sugar in my tea; I only wanted milk. Perhaps you do not understand. Let me explain. When I do not want sugar in my tea, it’s usually because I have overdosed on sugar during the day. I hadn’t had much sugar today, just a few milk chocolate Hershey’s eggs, but that was enough. It appears that when I gave up sugar this Lent, my bodily system had grown accustomed to this new routine. So when I went back to the sugar, after only having a small amount, my system went haywire and made me feel like crap (for lack of a better word).

Revelation #2)

In addition to no sugar this Lenten season, I also started going on two walks per day, coming out to a little over two miles per day. The past few days have been slightly off schedule to the Easter holiday. Today, I missed my daily walk (I got one in after supper).

As a result of these two revelations, I have decided to turn my Lenten sacrifices and routine into year-round sacrifices and routine. In addition, I may start swimming laps at the local community pool.

It is now two minutes past eleven. Upon the fact that I am finally relaxed due to my cup of tea (who knew that tea could reveal such relevant truths) and my hot shower, it is time for me to turn in for the night.


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