I took this picture up at Thomas Aquinas College over Easter and (at least personally) think it makes a great desktop background. 🙂

(I hope that this works correctly. If it does not, comment and let me know so I can try a different method.)

There’s sort of a funny story related to this picture. I was taking this very cow’s picture, clicking away with my camera. He/she seemed a little alarmed and would raise its head every time my shutter went off. It slowly started turning towards me. It eventually was pointing directly at me and glaring in my direction with a menacing look. I had no idea whether or not it would come after me, so I moved on and started taking pictures of a different cow. Later that morning, I was telling my sister this story and she goes, “You do know that sometimes they actually will charge?” No, I had no idea, just a hunch. Lucky for me, I followed my hunch.

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