It’s a Love/Hate Relationship

Spring. A time of new life, of green things, and white blossoms, of rain (for all of us in San Diego) and lots of warm sunshine. For me, spring is also a time of sneezing and snuffling, itchy watering eyes. It is a season filled with Claritin and showers right before bed (cleanses the skin of allergens). It is not a time of contacts (itchy watering eyes + thin gel like things that go into directly onto your eyes = no bueno for this girl) nor is it a time of cleaning. It should be a time of cleaning, however dusting is aggravating and makes me sneeze even more. Unfortunately, if I can’t clean, that means things remain dusty and get all the more so as time goes on making my situation even worse. Therefore, my mother, bless her heart, took it upon herself to dust my room for me today. It’s so shiny! 🙂

The Claritin is actually a new thing and has made me feel so much better. I tried taking it, once (literally) upon a time, and it had absolutely no effect. My mother was talking to the doctor about solutions and he suggested Claritin. Upon telling him that I tried taking it once with no result, he told her that one must take it several days in a row in order to let it build up in one’s system. So call me a Claritin addict, at least for the spring. I’ve also been using these homeopathic eye drops when my eyes absolutely cannot take it any longer. They have the quite the soothing and refreshing effect.

So you see, it’s quite the love/hate relationship. I absolutely love spring, yet I am also so miserable, it becomes quite difficult to enjoy this lovely season.


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