Hurray for a Full Schedule!

Perhaps if I weren’t so tired, I would appreciate it more. Unfortunately, I do not have what one could call a “steady” job, but I have successfully landed two paid freelance jobs and… well, I’ll get to the latter half of this story at the end of the post.

The first is a photography gig for the CFO of my university and his wife. Their baby’s Baptism is scheduled for next Saturday. It’s not a huge project, but it’s the first business I’ve received from my website, so I’m thrilled (not to mention honored)!

My second project is to re-vamp our home parish’s website. I look forward to this project as well, as it will give me the opportunity to apply my creative and organization skills to something which is greatly needed. This project will also give me the opportunity to advertise my photography business, as my client has given me permission (it was actually her idea) to shoot and post pictures of the parish and post them on the new site.

And that’s not all, folks! In addition to all of this (and let’s not forget my new workout schedule), I’m auditing a class at JP Catholic on The Brothers Karamazov. It’s a fascinating read and written by one of the most brilliant masterminds of mankind. It’s a 3hr. seminar style class which takes place on Friday afternoon. In other words, we spend three hours discussing and questioning all the powerful meanings behind Dostoevsky’s rich content. I absolutely love it!

(Note: For those of you considering JP Catholic, do not be intimidated for the intensity of which I write is actually one of the Masters courses and is only optional for the undergrads. 🙂 )


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