Cloudy Sunday Daybook

Outside My Window
Cloudy and a bit cold. It’s not Mum’s ideal weather for Mother’s Day, but I think the rest of the family is enjoying it.

I am Listening to
My dad is plucking his guitar downstairs and my mom is laughing down the hall.

I am wearing
A fairly nice t-shirt and my favorite jeans.

I am Thankful For:

My mother.

I am Pondering:
How come it always happens that whenever I am
pondering, I’m not blogging. And when I’m blogging, I’m not pondering? Did I confuse you? I think I just confused myself.

I am (Still) Reading:
I’m a bit past the halfway point in Bros. K. I’m also reading (for the third or fourth time?) Watership Down.

From the Kitchen
Homemade almond streusel coffee cake, strawberries with freshly whipped cream, and scrambled eggs.

I am Thinking:
The best cakes don’t need frosting/icing/glaze. I made what I thought would be a glaze for the coffee cake. It was thicker than expected and very tasty, but the cake didn’t really need it.

I am Creating
1) I’m still working on the website.

2) Tomorrow I’ll really start editing the First Communion pictures I shot last Sunday.

3) I’m producing a student project at JP Catholic. That’s sort of a lot of work, but it’s very rewarding.

On my iPod/iTunes/YouTube:
Kiss from a Rose (My iTunes)

Towards Rhythm and Beauty
Walking, walking, and more walking. Swimming has sort of hit a wall as I’m having ear problems. When those clear up, I’ll be swimming again.

To Live the Liturgy
4PM Latin Mass downtown today!!!! 🙂

I am Hoping and Praying
To do and know that I’ve done my best in everything I set out to accomplish.

In the Garden
We have a yellow roses blooming in our backyard. I love yellow roses. *Sigh of happiness…

Around the House
The sun is peeking out and is shining through the skylight. It’s also pretty quiet. Oh, I almost forgot! We got the carpets cleaned! They look so nice. 🙂

On Keeping my Bedroom
It’s actually pretty clean right now. Over by the closet needs a little picking up. I’ll probably do that when I finish this post.

One of My Favorite Things
Talking with friends.

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week
Well, it seems that last time I posted a Daybook I had hoped to be finished with the website by now. I would be, except the lady who hired me gave me more to do on it. This is good news, but of course it means that I am not yet done with the website. I’ll be working on it this week and possibly the week after that. I’ll also be editing First Communion pictures, reading another eighty pages of the Bros. K., and hanging out with Tiffany after the 11AM Mass like I usually do.

A Favorite Picture/Video I Thought I’d Share:


The Cunningham's New Dog


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