Doing It the Right Way

After a long, somewhat stressful, and yet very productive week, I’m having a lazy Sunday. It’s been rather quiet around the house, as Scott has been at St. Gabriel’s most of the day and Mum and Dad are picking up Bridget from school. I’m hanging at the house. Although I didn’t get up that late (8:30 to be exact), I did go to bed last night at 8:40ish, so that comes out to about 12hrs. of sleep. I got up, went to Mass at 10:45, ate some lunch, did some surfing, and decided it would be fun to bake an angel food cake the right way. What do I mean? What is the right way to bake a cake? Is there a wrong way? Yes, there is a wrong way. I discovered the wrong way last year on Easter Sunday. When the recipe said to “add the sugar” to the egg whites, I thought it meant to add the confectioners sugar which I had just sifted with the flour. After I had added what I thought was “the sugar”, I looked at the next step and it said to fold in the confectioners sugar and flour. “Uh… didn’t I just do that?” Turns out I was supposed to beat in a cup of white sugar to the egg whites and then fold in the conf. sugar and flour. I decided it would be fine, put it in the pan, and bake it.

Problem #2) Angel food cakes are baked in tube pans which consist of two pieces, an inner layer which nests gently inside the outer layer. Cakes which are baked in tube pans have a thicker batter which does not run. It spoons nicely into the tube pan and does it drip between the two layers. (If you do not know what I am saying, find a tube pan in your kitchen and look at it. Hopefully, you will see what I mean.) To begin with, our tube pan was bent funny. And then to make matters worse, I had mixed the batter the wrong way and it was drippy. Mixing the right sugar into the egg whites is a very, very important detail.

It was drippy until it reached the oven. Once in the oven, all the batter managed to do was continue to drip out of the pan (yes, it was sort of a mess) while the other half baked in the pan. When I finally pulled it out of the oven and turned it out onto a plate, it was heavy, sort of like a brick. It was not light, airy, or like any sort of verb that one might associate with the heavenliness of angels. My cake was a FLOP. Needless to say, I rushed to Henry’s and bought the last angel food cake they had.

This time I did it the right way. I beat the egg whites and sugar together till kingdom come and gently folded the conf. sugar and flour into the stiff mixture. I spooned it into the new pan. It went into the oven. It did not drip.

It is now. It appears to be light and airy. I will let you know what it actually tastes like.


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