Dinner-less Wednesdays

(I was going to post about this yesterday, but I got lazy.)

I usually don’t eat dinner on Wednesday. No, it’s like some sort of personal religious ritual. I don’t eat dinner on Wednesday, because Wednesday is the day that I eat lunch with “Troublemaker T”. She is very tall and quite possibly one of the lankiest people I know. Troublemaker T seemingly loves greasy/spicy/adventurous foods (i.e. Pat & Oscars, In’N’Out, Santana’s, and Subway). Now I know what you’re thinking. “Subway isn’t greasy, spicy, or adventurous.” It is when one orders a spicy Italian sub with all the vegetables including peppercinis, peppers, and onions. (I think that if I ate that, I would suffer from heartburn.)

She does not, however, like cucumbers, sprouts, or spinach. Translate: she likes wild and adventurous; she does not like bland. Did I mention she always gets the 12inch option? (I do too, but that’s beside the point.) Little ol’ me is sure to get ham, roast beef, or salami with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, mayo, and mustard. When we go to Pat & Oscars, it’s pizza and bread sticks.

Now I’m not complaining or anything. Lunchtime is my favorite meal of the day. I love eating lunch food. I’m just saying I don’t eat dinner on Wednesday. How can one be hungry after consuming that much food. (i.e. Yesterday we got Subway. I had a foot-long salami sandwich, a bag of chips, and a Coca Cola.) I consumed a bowl of fruit for dinner and was done. When I woke up this morning, I was not hungry for breakfast either, so I had a bowl of fruit and cup of tea. I am only, just now, getting hungry for lunch.


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