California is Confused

Both yesterday and today have been quite overcast and chilly. Maybe in the 60s? (Or lower?) There now, I just looked it up on It was 61 degrees today. Wait a second, I thought it was July. We had April Showers, May Gray, and June Gloom. What’s up with you, July? Let’s just say that today was the first day in well over a month that I wore sweat pants and a t-shirt (in place of a tank top and shorts). I also had two big cups of tea, and a very warm shower shortly after dinner. I repeat, “What’s up, July???” Why are you doing this to me? The rest of the country is having a heat wave and we, over here in (sunny) San Diego, are seeking out the sun.

On a side note, this may very well be my last post on my current monster of a laptop. (My monster of a laptop is currently keeping my lap warm.) My new laptop should arrive tomorrow (fingers crossed)! So far, I have the software, the case, and the new external hard drive, all of which have been arriving on various days throughout the week.


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