From My New Computer

It’s very hot in California. We had a sudden change in temperature and it has been at least 90 degrees since (I believe) Thursday, I mean Wednesday. The minuscule vampires (aka mosquitoes) have struck again, leaving the backs of my legs matching. I have been using lots of aloe vera. If one coats one’s legs with the stuff and then stands in front of a portable fan (turned on, of course), the breeze has a nice chilling effect on the gel, thus cooling the legs and toning down the itch. Ice also works (has a numbing effect) as does going for a swim. In addition, there’s another tactic where one can moisturize the bites and then cover them with salt. I haven’t tried it yet.

On another note, I am making an angel food cake. Yes, another one. They’re absolutely “to die for” when done correctly and there’s a choir party tomorrow. It’s a good occasion (and a good excuse) to bake (and to show off my culinary skills).

Here’s the recipe if you feel like making it yourself.


One thought on “From My New Computer

  1. Kay Lea says:

    Well, about the mosquitoes, at least they were kind enough to make you legs look simillar to each other.

    Enjoy the cake!


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