From my new computer…

I’ve been employed as a freelance* web designer once again! I love the work I’m doing and I love the cause! (All is well in my world.) There’s a woman in San Diego who’s working to turn her beautiful home into an even more beautiful (if that’s possible) retreat house. She needs a website and, to make a long story short, her other web designer fell through. I took over last Tuesday. I visited her home on Tuesday afternoon and brought my camera along (to take pictures for the new site). Let’s just say the house is very “photogenic”. I’m really happy with how the pictures turned out. I ordered Aperture software with my new computer and I am ever so pleased. I plan to put up a sample of the pics. in the near future, but before I do that, I need to put my watermark on them. (Better safe than sorry.)

*The term “freelance” implies that it’s a temporary job, as in it’s a project that I’m being paid for. (As in, I’m not really employed, as in a permanent job. It’s freelance work. I get hired. I do the job. I get paid. I get hired by somebody else. Does that make sense?)


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