Monday, Monday…

I’m waiting for my iPod to charge a bit so I can go for my run. I don’t think I can find the motivation to run without my music.

So… about that rant. I won’t be ranting. Last week was so full of stress and doubt, tears and anger. It was a ranting week. But then something happened. I’ve been having problems with said “new website” and then Thursday it just wouldn’t publish. As in I have no idea how to publish it. Neither does GoDaddy. And WordPress doesn’t have contact info. So I’m meeting with a WordPress wiz tonight (one of my friends from school) and I’m not thinking about the website until this evening. And that is a relief. So what exactly happened on Thursday to change my week from a bad week to a good week? I went with my sister to do a Holy Hour. I relaxed, I prayed, I meditated on the life of our Lord, I read about Mother Angelica. And it worked. I came out feeling like a new person, a happy person, someone who was no longer angry.

Since the website is basically done, I’m taking the afternoon off. I’m going to do another Holy Hour and then I’m going to go to Starbucks. (My mother just walked in with a $2.00 coupon for any Grande cold drink! My Starbucks trip just became less expensive. Yay!) And then I’m going to visit my very smart friend. Pray that the website goes up without a hitch!

So that’s that then. No ranting for this girl! 🙂

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