Pumpkin Spice Frappuccinos in Autumn

Actually, make that icy cold pumpkin spice frappuccinos in Autumn. It’s 86 degrees out and muggy and it’s cooled off a lot since Monday. By 9:15 on Monday morning, it was 99 degrees outside and reached a grand total of 110 by 12:00Noon. Yesterday, it was significantly cooler at 95 degrees. It made me miss Wisconsin.

“What’s that you say? When were you, Miss Lynch, in Wisconsin??? Moreover, why were you in Wisconsin?” Well, that’s quite the story, but not really. All that happened was that my roommate of 2.5yrs. (my sophomore through senior year) happened to be getting married. Oh, and I was the photographer (as in official photographer). 🙂 So maybe it is quite the story and a long one at that. I was also one of the only California girls there and my exclamations of “oooo” and “ahhh” were heard frequently throughout the trip. They also amused the natives and their fellow mid-westerners. The beauty of it all was so overwhelming. The leaves were just starting to change. A tree would be half green, half red, speckled with little yellow flecks. Random “Christmas trees” dotted “lawns” and I saw a seas of wide open spaces (cue Dixie Chicks), I mean literally what seemed to be endless land draped with a blanket of golden corn stalks rippling in the wind like waves. I saw migrating geese and a flock of at least one hundred birds rise out of a corn field. The morning I left, I witnessed the most incredible sunrise I’d ever seen in my life. And never have I seen a sky so blue.

I’m guessing that at some point y’all would like to see some pictures. Well, about that… I’m still sorting through. (I took well over 1,000.) I’m hoping to get some up over the weekend. For now, your imaginations will have to suffice. 😉


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