Another Adventure

I just got back from a wonderful little trip in North Carolina. Only a couple of times have I come home wishing I could live at the destination from whence I came. The first time was in Wisconsin, specifically in the countryside. Well, let me tell you, I really could live in Belmont, NC or somewhere in those whereabouts. Granted, it was hot and sticky and there were these massive insects which made the most bizarre noise I’ve ever heard. I finally saw one on our last day. It was lying dead in the parking lot. (Lovely.)

On the other hand, you should have seen all the trees. (Most of North Carolina is wooded.) It wasn’t hard to find a river or a lake. And oh, the brick! There were brick buildings out the wazoo!

Photos? All of the above and more.

I’m still sorting through them, but I have a few to appease my readers. (If you even exist.)


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