Photo of the Week (and a Plea for Help)














Have any of my readers read Ann Voskamp’s best-selling book, One Thousand Gifts? Well, I’ve started it. And apparently, at the end of the book, or over at her blog (not sure which), she poses a 1,000 joys/gifts challenge. To sum it up, collect 1,000 joys in your life and record it somehow. I’m thinking of doing it through photography. 1 picture a day? Maybe 2 or 3? This is going to take some planning, especially because I’m going to need to figure out a way of always having my camera with me and this is no small task. I also hear that a good year is 365 days. Granted, this one is 366. 1000 days comes to approx. 32.8mos. This project has the possibility of extreme complexity. So this is me, reaching out to photographers from all over who make ways. I need ideas. I need feedback. Give me whatever you’ve got. Every idea is welcome. 🙂


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